Saturday, October 17, 2009

If you haven't seen the epic Nibru thread that has taken by storm, you should go check it out. Many of the "heavy hitters" have contributed to the craziness, including Andrew Jones, Coro, Marko, Dos Santos, Wes Burt, Whit Brachna, Rich Doble...the list goes on and on. The criteria for the character was what intrigued me:

- he is old, has long hair, has only his left eye
- has stitches for eyebrows and his mouth is stitched shut
- has a halo over his head
- carries some type of spear
- has a necklace with the letter "m" on it

I figured this would be a great opportunity for me to create another video tutorial, so I gave it a shot. The version of the demo that I have now is a short, 10 minute video documenting the entire process. The next version I plan on doing will take you through the entire process in real-time and give you a much greater in-depth look at how I go about creating a character. You can find the short version on my youtube here.

2 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

haha yesss! I was sooo close to making a video process for that thread. Great insight man!

Axel said...

haha i have to try to do my Nibru !
Nice one !

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