Monday, October 20, 2008

Kansas City Grand Prix 2008

Cat and I attended the Magic: The Gathering Kansas City Grand Prix over the weekend. After a grueling 2.5 hours on a plane (I hate flying) we were picked up by another Kat and taken to the Sheraton Overland Park Hotel. After checking into our room we ordered some steak with blue cheese, mmm.

The next morning we headed down to get some breakfast from the hotel restaurant. With a bacon, egg, and cheese sammich in my belly, we headed down to the convention center.

We were greeted with this outside of the convention center...I didn't realize Magic players drove armored cars.

I found my table and set up my booth, unfortunately there werent any shelves or stands. I spent the next 9 hours signing cards and drawing on playmats. Over 700 players attended the event, it was a good turnout. Dan Scott was in the booth next to me, and kept me company until Sunday. I was lucky to have Cat with me. She helped me organize the requests for playmat drawings and made sure everyone got what they needed.

She even did a great coloring job on this "Jason Vol" card I did for one of the judges. This card was drawn and colored with Sharpie markers on a playmat. Unfotunately we had to leave before the judge was able to see it...I hope he liked it.

I got so many playmat drawing requests on Saturday that I had to take 14 of them to the hotel that night to work on. I was up until 2:00am working on them, and was only able to finish 7 of them. The next day I had to stop taking playmat drawing requests just to be able to catch up. Sorry about that guys!

Cat and I had a great time in Kansas. See you guys in Japan!


I decided to give Paul Barnett a Warhammer launch present as thanks for all the things he has done for the concept team. I think I spent 3-4 hours painting his portrait. The rest of the concept team pitched in and bought an awesome frame. It now lives amongst Paul's plethora of red shoes. WAAAGH!

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