Thursday, July 16, 2009

Six days ago I uploaded my first tutorial to my YouTube account and already I have almost 10k views! I would like to thank everyone for supporting my videos, it is much appreciated. Today I finished making 3 more tutorials. I am planning on releasing a new tutorial every Tuesday, so check back next week for the new installment. Here is a quick teaser of the new tutorials.

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capprotti said...

That's awesome Daarken. And a lot quicker than I expected. Originally sounded like you might finish one every couple months or so, which would be preeeetty understandable. Really lookin forward to these man. Thanx again for sharin!

Charles Valsechi III said...

Awesome!! Thanks you sir.

Nasan Hardcastle said...

Thanks for posting these! I couldn't get enough of your Liche Priest painting when I first saw it. I was really, really happy to be able to watch the development of that character.
Has doing these videos had any impact on the quality of your work? -Have you found that actually talking about and sharing design principles, color theory, etc, has helped you to focus on them more?
Great work, and look forward to seeing more!

Daarken said...

capprotti - no problem :) ive been having a lot of fun making these tutorials. the new ones i made are super short, between 3-8 min each. i decided to start doing some more specialized tutorials, like how to make tileable textures, how to make custom brushes, etc. i figured this way i could update more often. hopefully i wont run out of ideas.

charles - you are welcome!

nasan - thanks! i think it does help. people tend to take things for granted and they forget to take their own advice, so having to talk about things helps me remember.

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