Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 3 - 11.23.08

The last day of the show, and let me tell you, I was pretty tired. The first day I started getting double vision and blurry vision while I was drawing. My vision wasn't as bad the second day, but it still wasn't great. My wrist started to hurt though. 

Anyway, another sunrise from the hotel window. 

Actually, I think we took these pictures from the hotel lobby back on the first day of the show, but oh well. The Granvia Hotel is really nice. We went up to the 19th floor to see their super fancy restaurants...a coke was $7, and I saw some plates for about $150. I am not sure if those plates were for one person or for more.

To the left you can see the train station. 

This was taken in front of the Convex Convention Center. 

Not sure what this building is, but it looks neat!

Looking across the street from the convention center.

The roof of the front part of the convention center.

Magic, that way!

This is the front of the convention center where the shuttles dropped off Magic players.

Steps leading up to the convention center.

Gah, Cat keeps taking secret pictures of me.

Ah, me in front of my booth again. Cat made me stand there :P

Opening the booth for the last time. The morning was a bit slow, but that's because people were busy playing.

I look a little tired.

Yay! Dinner time! Ron took us to this awesome place. Once again the food was awesome. The whole time I was in Japan I never once had something I didn't like. 

We had our own little enclosed booth. The great thing about restaurants in Japan is that each booth has a doorbell type thing that you ring in order to tell the waiter/waitress that you need something. Genius I tell you. 

Mmm, fresh sushi. 

Ugh, I am really starting to dread going home. Japan is so awesome. The people there are great. I have never seen a more polite, considerate, and well mannered society. Being around those types of people was great for my blood pressure. I didn't see a single piece of trash anywhere in the city. Okayama has the feel of a modern city, but yet is sleepy with not a lot of tourists. You can walk 20 minutes down the road and see a 400 year old castle. It is amazing. 

Okayama at night. Sooooo pretty.

And it is 4:45am and I am still up...again. Work Monday is going to be SO fun.

Oh yeah, to be continued on Day 4.

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