Thursday, November 27, 2008

Grand Prix Okayama
Day 1 - 11.20-21.08

No sleep Wednesday night, left for the airport at 3am on forward to Friday night. In order to get from the Kansai airport we needed to take 2 trains to Okayama. The first train we took was the Haruka express to Shin-Osaka, which took about an hour.

The next was the Nozomi to Okayama, which was about another hour. The Nozomi is a bullet train that has a top speed of about 186 mph. Zoom zoom!

It was pretty daunting when we arrived at the train station. We needed to buy our tickets, but all the signs were in Japanese and no one really spoke any English. We finally found the ticket booth, and luckily the girl spoke enough English to understand which ticket we needed to buy. After some hand gestures from a few different workers, we made our way to the platform. We stood around like two lost kids trying to figure out which was our train. We thought we had found the right train, but it was about to leave, so we started running after it. Luckily it was packed and we were not able to get on, because it turned out to be the wrong train. Eventually we found the right train. This was also my first time in a foreign language speaking country, so I think that added to the confusion. Plus 17 hours on a plane doesn't help your stress level either.

Cat and I were pretty dead tired, so after checking in to our hotel, we snapped some pics of our awesome refrigerator and headed to bed. Three dollar Coke, weee.

Beer, coke, and chips.

Continued on Day 2...

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