Friday, December 11, 2009

Popping the cherry, one change at a time.

My new cover for the Horus Heresy game by Fantasy Flight Games was just spoiled today. I have been waiting for a long time for this illustration to become public since it is my first 40k illustration. Unfortunately, when I saw the printed version I noticed that they altered my art. The monitor behind Horus was changed to a bunch of windows that look out into space. I wish they had just asked me to make the change so that the illustration would look consistent.

Dragons, rawr...

The other day I was googling "dragons" for reference when I came across this:

The left and right sides have been cropped off in this image because they wrap around the sides of the box. I'll have to post a full version later.

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Bloodmaster said...

Man, I love your stile. Its really awesome. I always thought that your way of showing the WHFB universe was altering my way of seeing this peace of fantasy. But your way of expressing the grimness and the fu**ed up future of the 40k universe is just mind-blowing. I really hope to see more 40k stuff by you, especially form the Horus Heresy time. Do all the primarchs, please

Greetz Bloody

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