Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today was the Conflux Prerelease in College Park, Maryland. I ended up selling a Form of the Dragon and a Sarkhan Vol canvas print. Good thing I sold those, I barely broke even at this show. Not a lot of people showed up, plus I only did one playmat drawing because the vendors weren't selling any. It was a really long day today. There were many hours where no people were coming up to the booth at all. Cat slept underneath the table. Fun times!

Setting up my booth.

I think my sign is too small.

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Anonymous said...

If this would happen in UK I would totally buy something. Maybe the Demon Tutor. This is the contemporary art, not that shit they display in the Tate Modern :(.

devonrose said...

Awww! do not despair, little poo. You did sell stuff, so thats awesome! YAY!!!

carguin said...

Hey, you can always sell them at another time? Are you coming to WonderCon? I'll save some money... (is there a friend discount?) heh.

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hi Daarken! Love your art man and also your tutorials. Will be following your blog. Best,

Anonymous said...

You should purchase some blank playmats and bring them yourself so you aren't screwed if the vendors aren't selling any.

I really like your work, BTW.

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