Monday, April 14, 2008

I added these to my site earlier this month, but I figured I would go ahead and stick them here as well. Basically this means I don't have anything new to post :P.

Cat and I are going to be at the New York Comic Con this weekend, it should be a lot of fun. I can bug the people at the Warhammer booth. I've only been to the San Diego Comic Con...I wonder what this one will be like.

Grand Theogonist Volkmar

Chaos battering ram

Chaos boiling oil

Dark Elf Sorceress

The Inevitable City Library

Slaanesh Champion

The Inevitable City Banker Assistant

The Inevitable City Banker

The Inevitable City Librarian

The Inevitable City Librarian Assistant

2 Comentários:

gallegos said...

Nice work, man. Just tried to add your site's RSS feed but it's not turned on or something; in any case it's not working. Good luck on the blog!

Izzy Medrano said...

I love the work man. Keep it up! And the Magic stuff is DYNAMITE!

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